Giving Back: Upward Bound Adopt-An-Apartment (Los Angeles)

As part of the 2 Week Pre-Thankgiving Enchant-A-Thon I volunteered myself and as many others as I could get, to help give a homeless family a place to live as part of the Upward Bound House Adopt-An-Apartment program (more info on how it works and how to get involved with them below).  We were given less than one week to raise enough money ($800-$1500) to help provide all the essential items for a homeless family (a single mother and her 13 year old son) who were moving into a new place in a community apartment situation in Santa Monica.  With one mass email and my fingers crossed, half the money was raised within 24 hours, and the rest came in before the week even ended.  We also received tons of great donated items from people to help decorate and fill the house.  From there it was enlisting volunteers to help shop for all the items, and more to help set up and decorate the apartment.  It was so amazing to see how quickly people came together, including many immaculatizers, to make this happen, and the results were amazing.

I’d like to acknowledge the following people and organizations for donating their time, money, and personal items to help pull this off:


Setting the place up.

A Fellow Named Ben
Amanda Egge
Andrew Hanson
Becca Coffman
Ben Watkins
Caryl Rosenthal
Celia Flam
Chris Myers
Cristy Turner
Dore Wallace
Ed Galvez
Imraan Ali
Jeff Berson
Jen Rofe

The Upward Bound decorating crew.

Jenny Huarte
Josh & Juli Schneiderman
Juliana Carbone
Justine Barron
Kathy Joly
Kevin Ford
Kristina Caberto
Lauren Felix
Make A Film Foundation
Marc & Ali Campbell
Marlene Felix
Michael Mott
Michi Turner
Mike Flight

THE Rob English prettifies the bathroom.

Monica King
Pete Glover
Peter Von Pinnon
Red Motion Studios
Ricki Martin
Rob English
Ron Babcock
Ron Shapiro
Sean Aronson
Sean Barrett
Shannon Barrero
Shirley Rosenberg
Spencer Williams
Susie Cakes
Suzanne Eastman
Tamika Lamison

The Shopping Ladies shop!

Tim Molloy
Valerie Lindbom
Vikki & Frank Flam

More on Upward Bound:

Upward Bound House (UBH) provides housing to homeless families – mostly consisting of single women with 1-2 children. Most women are recently unemployed and/or left abusive situations. The UBH Family Shelter, located in Santa Monica, offers clean, modern apartments to these families in a residential community. Families also receive support, job training, tutoring, food, clothing, school supplies, etc.

Whereas most homeless families are shuffled from one unsafe, unpleasant environment to another, UBH provides safety, dignity, and a sense of family and community. This has a huge impact particularly on children, who do not carry the shame of their homelessness to school and who learn to aspire to the best life possible.

When UBH has a vacancy in one of their apartments, they work with outside groups to provide all the necessities for the apartment, from toothpaste to linens, kitchen supplies, decorations, etc. The group then has the opportunity set-up and decorate the apartment. All of the items are new or near new. And the best part is that the family gets to take all of the household goods with them when they transfer into a permanent housing. As we all know, it’s expensive to furnish a new apartment. And homeless children need a sense of continuity and ownership.

Click here for more information or to make donations.

Thanks to everyone who helped!

Bedside table for Mom.

Bedroom for the mom.

Slippers for Mom.Bed for the son.

Books donated by 826LA.


Stocked closet w/ bathrobe!

A welcome card and fresh flowers.


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