The Dailyish Turbo-Charge #2

“Shut the fuck up and dance.”
-Mahatma Gandhi

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My Day #2 in Review
Yesterday started off pretty good.  Despite snoozing until 8:15am (my alarm was set for 7), I did decide that to get better at waking up early I’d need to practice.  And by decide I mean, “half-awake snooze bargaining.”   Half awake in bed, especially when it’s freezing outside is the worst possible time to make important decisions about personal health.  Yet I do it nearly every day, which completely informs my sleep and exercise level and therefore affects my overall mindset from day to day.  A good thing to pay attention to, and I’m glad I have a name for it now.  The result of the bargaining: This week I will wake up 15 minutes earlier each day of the week until I reach 7am.  Pretty brilliant, for snooze bargaining.
After getting up I sat down in front of my computer and did 15 straight minutes of stream of consciousness writing, as per my plan.  It’s not easy to form sentences right out of bed, but some people swear by it, in particular the popular book The Artist’s Way which suggests “morning pages,” which helps clear your mind and get through the haziness.  So I’m trying it out.  So far, it’s kinda lame.  I’ll give it more time.

After that I ate a banana, sat back down at the computer and hit my first “big rock” of the day (per Zen to Done), which was to do a new blog entry for the site.  45 minutes later it was online.  If I could give myself a ten, I would.  Then I hit the treadmill for 45 minutes, which is always easy when The Colbert Report is on, save for the same car insurance, mesothelioma, and free credit report commercials every day, most of which I can now repeat verbatim.  But looking at the bright side, I know exactly where to go should I need car insurance, a mesothelioma lawyer, or to punch a young singing/rapping hipster in the face.

Then it was to Sweet Peas vegan restaurant in Culver City where I met with a friend to work on stuff and discuss life and junk like that.  I didn’t get any food, but the place was jammin’, and I’ve had it before and it’s great.  So if you are in LA, go there for Vegan fare.  Speaking of Vegan fare, so far so good on going Vegan for the month.  I still need to widen the array of foods I consume, but haven’t had any major issues avoiding anything, though I did find that almost all of my Trader Joe box soups are not officially Vegan, as they contain honey.  Yes, honey is a food made from an animal, making it a no-no for the strict Vegan.  Apparently it is made by an animal called a “bee” in a “hive.”  Go figure!  (I kid, I know what bees are!  And despite the fact that they can all go fuck themselves, I want to be true to my plan for the sake of this experiment.)

Also at Sweet Peas I stayed true to The People Project (my goal to meet at least one new person every day this year and get some wisdom about life).  I introduced myself to two complete strangers.  June, an older lady who’s advice was “just hang in there”… “go to the place you know if you need help”…”Care about each other or else there won’t be an each other”…and finally, “Get rid of the nuclear threat and reduce arms.”  Thanks June!  (Incidentally she also spoke to us well beyond my quick line of questioning, and even cornered me on the way to use the restroom, asking if she deserved to sit next to the bank robber with the gun on her long busride to San Francisco last year.  I told her no.)  I also met Maleena, probably in her 20’s, who said “The most important gift is to know thyself.”  She went on to say that the best way to know thyself is through meditation, journaling, and being honest.  Perf.

All in all a it was a pretty good day, though I was running around so much that I didn’t really get to truly test out Zen to Done like I wanted.  And my meditation session sucked.  Made it 16 minutes and was completely distracted by everything.

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