The Dailyish Turbo-Charge #4

“Never give up, suckas. lol”
-Thomas Alva Edison

Daily Update
I don’t really have all that much to report.  Flossed.  Exercised.  Meditated in my car for 20 minutes to relax before a job interview.  It worked!  (I don’t think I ever truly tamed my thinking, but I was somewhat relaxed in the interview.)  I ate some meatless Korean food for dinner.  And not a cocktail or liqueur to speak of.  Debating if Altoids count as sweets.  If they do, then I’ve done fucked up a couple dozen times this week.  Other than that, all is well on this speeding Turbo-Train.

Two Productivity Based Links For Your Pleasurefulness
I started using something yesterday called a “hipster PDA.”  Are any of you familiar with this?  I’ve been reading about it for a couple years, but finally bit the bullet.  I’ll report on it’s effectiveness, but today it seemed to do the trick!

The Hipster PDA

Merlin Mann, inventor of the hipster PDA, is a creative and organization man.  His 43 Folders site is all about “finding the time and attention to do your best creative work.” A couple of years ago he spoke at an event put on by Jesse Thorn of The Sound of Young America  and I think if you are as all over the map in the head-brain as me, you’ll get a lot out of listening to this:

Merlin Mann talks about the process of doing creative work, and particularly how to abandon the quest for perfection, get off your butt and get started.

Creative Assignment
Your inspiration is… Cornbread!  HANDLE IT!

Thanks For Your Feedback
I’ve gotten some fantastic feedback on the Turbo-Charge so far.  Most of you seem to be enjoying it, and the Facebook community seems to be thriving and helpful.  I am trying to provide resources as I can, but I’d like to provide even more.  I got some great suggestions today (more on meditation, productivity, organization seems to be the theme), so stay tuned as I will try to dig deeper into certain aspects of it on the blog next week.

I got a shooting gig in Las Vegas this weekend, and I leave tomorrow morning and return Sunday evening.  I have no idea how much online access I will have, so it’s possible you will have to fend for yourselves for a few days.  I know, I know, seemingly impossible.  How will you survive without links to non-obscure events websites and rashly decided upon creative assignments??   So, I may have plenty of time and ample online access, but if not, hang tight, and keep the turbo-charge alive!


So, what do you think ?