The 2011 Immaculata People Project

The goal of the 2011 Immaculata People Project is to meet 365 new people before the end of the year, and to get one sparkling golden nugget of inspiration from each of them.  Or the meaning of life.  Why?  Because it’s fun.  Because it forces me to get out of my head.  Because it’s a daily reminder that most people aren’t so bad.  Or are so bad.  Because I might learn a thing or two.  Because I love golden nuggets of inspiration, damn it.  And the meaning of life would be very helpful.

27. Margaret Cho
Location: The Improv
Job: Comedian
Her Message: “If something is going to hurt, it’s going to hurt for three days.  Let it pass.”

Obviously not a person, but I think I’ll start documenting advice I get from any source.  Cookie source anyway.  This one seemed to give credence to this project.

26. Ben Ripa
Location: The Improv
Job: Security Officer
His Message: “Respect people as you want to be respected.”

25. Aubrey Plaza
Location: At my weekly recording of The Long Shot podcast.
Job: Actress, “Parks and Recreation” on NBC.
Her Message: “Things just aren’t going to work out most of the time.” AND (via an angered Sharon Stone on a red carpet) “If you want to be a movie star you have to smile and be sunny!”
Note: For further elaboration, tune into Episode #202 of The Long Shot!  (I ask her at the very end.)

24. Rich Pierrelouis
Location: The Improv
Job: Actor/Comedian
His Message: “Don’t focus on what’s right.  Focus on what’s best.
Note: Just seconds later he went on to do a killer stand-up set.  I take credit.

23. Nora G.
Location: The Cat & Fiddle Bar, where I had my first post-Immacualta drank.
Job: Producer/Director
Her Message: “Cover the face and fuck the base.”
Note: I’m loving the variety of these so far.

22. Jill R.
Location: Her home in La Canada, CA where I was interviewing her about raw foods and hypnotherapy. (interview coming soon!)
Job: Hypnotherapist.
Her Message: “You are what you eat.  Literally.  Every cell of your body.”

21. Patton Oswalt
Location: At the recording of The Long Shot podcast.
Job: Comedian, author
His Message: “There is no them.
Note: For further elaboration, tune into Episode #201 of The Long Shot!  (I ask him at the very end.)

21. Ra Kumar
Location: The Improv
Job: Talent agent
His Message: “A man who represents himself has a fool for an agent.”

20. Diana Shakti
Location: Met at an orientation for a new agey college in Santa Monica that I was looking into but probably will not attend.
Job: Author of “Meditations of a Warrior Goddess Diva”
Her Message: “Find your inner power to have the courage to fight like a warrior.  Find your inner light to be compassionate like a goddess.  Find your sensuality to live life like a true diva.”

19. Beejoli S.
Location: The Improv Comedy Club
Job: Talent Manager
Her Message: “Aways have clean underwear.”

18. MJ O.
Location: The Improv
Job: Writer/Comedian
Her Message: “Comedy is losing to win.”

17. Ryan Keely

Location: Met at The Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas, NV.
Job: Porn Star
Her Message: “Always tip your strippers well and get 2 lap dances from two girls or at least two lap dances from one girl.”
Note: There are far more revealing photos of Ryan located on the inter-nets.  From what I’ve heard.

16. Shannon R.
Location: Met in Las Vegas, lives in West Hollywood, CA
Job: PR
Her Message: “Say YES much more than NO.  You’ll be amazed at all of the experiences and fun that awaits.”

15. Big Spike
Location: The Hollywood Improv
Job: Comic/Promoter
His Message: “If you stay ready, you ain’t got to get ready.”

14. Troy
Location: Silverlake, CA
Job: Bartender
His Message: “It’s better to live one day as a lion than a thousand years as a lamb.”
Note: He was paranoid because his roommate was angry with him, thinking that he had stolen a hit of his acid.  He swears he didn’t.  Also, as I am currently Immaculatizing, I only ordered a water.

13. Diana Wright
Location: Atwater Village, CA
Job: Works for The Hollywood Sign
Her Message: “Be prepared and be lucky.” AND “You can either be the head of the rat or tail of the tiger.”
Note: Check out her podcast “Cocktails for Two” with Lindsay Katai on Itunes.

12. Ed Greer
The Hollywood Improv
His Message:
“You are what you do.”
Admittedly, I’ve known Ed for a few years.  But he was too wise to pass up for some wisdom.  Also, he’s hilarious so go see him make funnies.

General notes: I didn’t come up with the idea to ask for an inspirational quote or nugget of truth until I met Harry on New Year’s Day.  Also, some of the photos are just downright awful on account of lighting, my phone, and general lack of photography skills.  They will improve.

11. Rona I.
Location: Culver City, CA
Job: Works with Autistic kids.
Notes: Her goal in life is to die without debt.

10. Rosa S.
Location: New Years Day Party at Aunt’s House, Sherman Oaks, CA
Job: Personal Trainer
Notes: She thinks Immaculata is awesome.

9. Harry T.
Location: The Vista Theater, Los Feliz, CA
Job: Retired Teacher
His message: “It doesn’t matter where you are or how you live, it’s about if you are happy where you are.”

8. June
Location: Green Peas Restaurant, Culver City, CA
Job: Retired
Her message(s): “Hang in there.” AND “Go to the place you know if you need help.” AND “Many young people are going to kill themselves!” AND “Care about each other or there won’t be an each other.” AND “Get rid of the nuclear threat and reduce arms.”
Note: June also cornered me by the restroom to ask if she was to blame for getting seated next to an armed bank robber on a bus to The Bay Area. I told her no.

7. Maleena L.
Location: Green Peas Restaurant, Culver City, CA
Job: Writer
Her message: “The most important gift is to know thyself.”
Note: She says the best way to know thyself is by journaling, meditating, and being honest.

6. Virginia
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Job: Taxi Driver
Her message: “Don’t go to bed mad.”

5. Bayu
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Job: Taxi Driver until he starts in the US Navy later this year.
His message: “I am Christian and believe in Jesus.  So don’t smoke or drink.”
Fun fact: He is from Ethiopia, which is in Africa!

4. Syneisha
Location: Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV
Job: Greeter/information attendant at Consumer Electronics Show (CES)
Her message: “Peace.  Just peace.”

3. Keith S.
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Job: Taxi Driver
His message: “Don’t get married… it only leads to divorce.”  AND “Roulette is a bad bet.”
Fun fact: He’s never been married.

2. Greta
Location: Joe’s Seafood at Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas, NV
Job: Waitress
Her message: “You are what you eat.” AND “Raw food diets make you crazy.”

1. Steve H.
Location: The Flamingo Hilton, Las Vegas, NV
Job: “In the Audio Business”
His message: “I’ve met all kinds of people all over the globe and we all have one common thread: We’re all lonely, and we all want to be accepted and we all want to be loved.  To get that… be phony.”
Note: Dude was plastered.


  • jenne |

    I love this Jamie! Great idea and looking forward to the next installment. You should consider doing it on Tumblr so that you can do an entry per person, plus that way people could follow you easily. Just a thought 🙂

    Hope Immaculata 2011 is going super well!

  • admin |

    Thanks Jenne! Funny Tumblr keeps coming up when I tell people about this… You’ll be the first to know if and when I figure it out. Hope you are doing great!!

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