The Dailyish Turbo-Charge #7

“I tell you, we are here on Earth to fart around, and don’t let anybody tell you different.”
-Kurt Vonnegut
(this quote is real.)

Half-Way There!
Believe it or not we’re more or less at the half way point my friends!  For all of you still keeping to your program, kudos.  We’re past the hard part, and the rest of the month is just staying diligent and hopefully starting to really feel the benefits of all the healthy choices we’re making.  I know I am finally starting to feel more energized and healthy.  And the spaces in between my teeth are sparkling!  So keep up the good work, and if you haven’t been all that active in the Facebook group and are still keeping up with all of this, send me a note with a status update!  I’d love to know how you are doing.  And if you haven’t been keeping up with the program, 2 weeks is still plenty of time to jump on the Turbo Express Train and reap the benefits of awesomeness.  DOUBLE CHOO!

I Got A Damn Job
If you are active in the Facebook group you already heard my personal news.  If you were touched by my moving words, feel free to read again.  If not, move forward to the next underlined and bolded subsection of this email which will make you tingle in places you didn’t even know had the capacity for tingling.  For everyone else: I am the new Manager of The Improv Comedy Lab in Hollywood! The Lab is a 50 seat comedy venue attached to The Improv and my job is to develop and produce shows, events, classes, and manage the ins and outs of the space. I’m really excited about it, and most of all I’ve felt the enormous pressure of being totally broke somewhat lifted. It’s near full-time to start, and there’s tremendous upside as it grows.

It’ll be a challenging job to be sure, but god knows I am ready to work on a consistent basis again. And best of all, I think eliminating the daily and monthly dread of how I am going to pay my bills (ah, the life of a freelancer in hard times), will be a major boon to my productivity with Immaculata, and my other creative pursuits. I may eat those words down the line if I am working 80 hour weeks, but for now I’m excited about all the potential this has.  So thanks to all of your support as I’ve been waiting on pins and needles to hear about this, and for your kind words in the Facebook group.

Looking for help!
I would love some help scouting for interesting things going on around  LA, as well as help planning events.  If you have any experience or have any ideas, holleratme!

This is really long and all over the map, but there might a thing or two that makes you feel pumped
I’ve been doing well on most Immaculata fronts this week.  I’ve stayed away from booze, haven’t had a sweet, I’ve exercised every day, and I’ll be damned if you tell me I haven’t kept up with my flossing regimine.  Still, I find myself sitting here aimlessly on a Friday afternoon having spent the better part of this morning and afternoon switching back and forth between Facebook, spacing out, and self-loathing.  I really only have one thing on my to-do list today, and that is to write this.  To write something to appeal to all the people participating in TURBO.  Pretty easy life!  Yet, as with most projects I take on, I’ve reached the point of being completely overwhelmed.  Where the sheer number of tasks and ideas I’ve outlined for this outweigh my ability to do them all and instead of simplifying, doing one thing at a time, I tune out completely in the hopes that it will all just evaporate.  Or someone else will step up to make boo boo go bye bye.   Suffice it to say, I haven’t been keeping up on the meditation or productivity sides of this 30 day pursuit as much as I’d like, and I haven’t dived into the Isthmus of Gratitude yet today.

What’s been eating me up the most is that I feel I made a promise as part of this Turbo-Charge Jump-Start to provide tips and tricks and more frequent updates and blog posts and 400 other things I probably only have swirling in my head, but I feel I personally vowed to deliver on.  But like so many other creative people I know, including several of you, I thrive on this masochism.  I beat myself up, focusing on the things I’m not doing.  It seemingly fuels me, and gives me some sort of justification for not achieving my goals.  And what’s crazy, as many of you know by now, is that I am really great at talking to other people about their issues, and giving them advice, pumping them up, showing them how silly their thinking is.

For example, yesterday I had coffee with a friend who is going through some pretty heavy relationship issues.  For an hour I broke down how insane the entire situation was, how it was as simple as two egos battling each other, each one putting it’s life on the line just to be right, rather than really looking deeper and finding a common ground.  Let me tell you, I was on fire.  Then, in an effort to cheer this person up, I delivered what felt like at the time a speech on par with MLK’s “I Have a Dream,” or The Gettysburg Address, or Stanley Spadowski’s mop speech in UHF.   When I get into this mode, I start firing myself up as well.  So I figured that in an effort to keep myself fired up, and possibly fire you up, I’d share the major points of my “epic” speech.  It’s a work in progress, mind you, and it jumps around, but I think you’ll get the essence of it.

The speech started by reciting the Kurt Vonnegut quote you see at the top of this email.  The one about being here on Earth to fart around.  The one that I think more or less sums up my world view and encapsulates what this whole thing (Life/Immaculata) is all about.  That we’re here to have fun, to make the most of our experience here, and moreover, what I get out of it, is that the world we live in is insane.  The lives we live are insane.  Bonkers!  Cra-zay!  And ridiculous and amazing.  Think about this: At one point on this Earth there were pterodactyls!  Flying around and fucking with things!  They didn’t give a shit!  Then people popped up, and there were cavemen and then weird druids, and pagans, and people wearing robes and gowns and lederhosen, and crowns and scepters and torches, and there was a feudal system, and all that shit you see at a Renaissance Faire?  It happened in one form or another!  And it was less nerdy!  People wearing armor riding horses with lances!  Moats!  Little sacks with rubies and opals in them!  Insane!

Speaking of Renaissances, there was a RENAISSANCE.  Three hundred or so years of intellectual and artistic transformation that led into the Modern Age. An age in which people with muskets wearing ridiculous outfits shot at each other to found our country.  Meanwhile, Asia and Africa and and those other continents have all been doing their thang too!  Spices!  Pagodas!  Buddhists and Hindus and The Fertile Crescent.  What a trifecta!  Simultaneously there’s been glaciers just drifting around up there on them poles and you know, penguins and polar bears and shit.  All the while progress being made, in the Progressive Era for example,  and the evolution of music and dance and literature and the technology and the internet and right now the sun is shining outside and soon there will be stars in the sky.  The same stars Eskimos use to navigate when they take long walks to hunt sea creatures or look for good igloo land, or so I’ve been led to believe.  Civilizations have flourished and died.  And then there is space, the ocean, and animals!  Dogs, Zebras, tidepools, Jupiter!   It’s insane.

And yet here I am worried because I haven’t put together an email for a couple days with a couple scraped together links, and an update on the progress of my flossing.  And here my friend is worried because their significant other hasn’t texted back in over 45 minutes, and here any one of us are with whatever silly little issues we have that we let completely take over our mind, which we let completely dictate entire days, weeks, months, years, lives.

All it takes for me is to remember that this whole life thing we live in is insane and I am instantly taken out of whatever silly issue I am dealing with.  For 2 seconds anyway.  Because my mind instantly reverts back into bad turbo-mode.  And so Immaculata more than anything else is about the practice of shutting down the ever increasing noise of the brain-mind.  By doing awesome and new things.  By committing to having more fun.  And by taking care of yourself.  It’s not about cutting out alcohol or sweets or drugs or whatever else it is you like for two weeks or a month just because.  For me it’s to put myself in a constant position of showing my mind that I am in charge.  It’s hard work.  But losing weight or breaking an addiction is just a side benefit to the main goal of knowing that you, the real you underneath the babbling mind, is the one that’s really in control.  And when you got that, you are actually living your life and not a slave to the whims of your ego.  A life free of excuses, and justifications, and all the filters and censors that hold us back and give us 40 reasons why we shouldn’t do something, or why we’d be better off making safe choices or just staying in.  The alternative is living a rote, predictable life.  Which works for some people, I suppose. But I am not willing to accept that.  I want to explore Jupiter and build igloos and play with dogs and go to Renaissance Fairs.

And so looking at my life, I can now assess the places where I am in control, and where I am not, and I am learning about the choices I have when I get caught up in my head about anything.  And as I sit here today beating myself up about things that ultimately have no bearing on how my life or the the life of the world at large play out, I know I have some choices to turn it around.  I can start by feeling gratitude for the things I have and am thankful for.  Instant perspective.  I can exercise or meditate.  The obvious benefits aside, just mentally knowing I am doing something for myself immediately bolsters my confidence, creativity, and self-worth.  And I can make a new choice. If I’m bored, miserable, lazy, or overwhelmed I can choose to stay in that place, knowing that nothing will change, or I can try something new, change my routine, or do something I’ve never done before.

It’s hard work.  It’s sometimes easier to just wallow in the Shit Cove.  Self-pity is the ultimate excuse for not progressing and not accomplishing anything.  And I’m really good at it.  It’s nice to stick with something I know I kick-ass with.  But ultimately it’s only a recipe for rapid aging, resentment, and depression, which doesn’t do anything for myself or to make this world any better.  So that’s pretty lame-o, am I right?

And so I just remind myself that I am here to fart around, like the mystical druids, and 19th century philosophers, and Eli Whitney, inventor of the Cotton Gin.   You know that fool farted around.  Just remember that the definition of farting around is different for everyone.  So start experimenting and practicing new things to find the mode of farting around that works for you.  To find what makes you genuinely happy.  You can create the life you want.  Seriously.  Just do it.  Because this world is insane, and it is whatever you make it, dummy.

The fucking pterodactyls knew that.*

*For the sake of the positive message, ignore the fact that pterodactyles are extinct.

Have A Great Weekend
My goals for this weekend: Keep doing the positive health things I’m doing, get my meditate on, conduct my weekly review, have a kick-ass plan in place for next week.

You all enjoy yourselves, and keep being rad.


So, what do you think ?