Facebook Group Round-Up #1: Turbo-Chargin’!

The Immaculatize Facebook Group is a thriving community of folks inspiring each other in their collective pursuit of health, creativity, productivity, and just overall awesomeness.   This semi-regular column will document the best to come from the group.  Join the fun!

Hey, Gang!  The Facebook Group has been extremely active and created some amazing content you might have missed over the last few weeks.  To get you up to speed and truly inspire some major ass-kickage during our final week, let’s take a little walk down Turbo memory lane.

The Tough Times

We had our fair share of tough times but no one ever said Turbo was going to be easy.  Your pain was our entertainment.

“The new Samuel Adams commercial for Noble Pils where it’s all Springy outside and the pouring of the beer and the mentioning of the delicious hops has to end… I actually salivated.”  -Chris

“I just saw a tweet reading “PIZZA PIZZA PIZZA LETS ALL GET WASTED!” and it hurt my heart.” – David

“All day long, I’ve been craving a glass of wine. Now, I feel like a fucking junkie, “I just want one glass, man! I just want to see if I can handle it.” – Brooke

Hardcore Master Cleansers

If you ever wondered what it might be like to partake in  Master Cleanse, these Immaculateers can tell you all about it.

“Day 5 of Master cleanse. I can’t stop having dreams about food where I am somewhere and no one will give me food, but everyone is eating all around me.” – Ilana

“Day 11 of Master Cleanse, and I survived a kids’ birthday party with pizza, a taco bar and TWO kinds of cake.” – Andy

“Just started my own master cleanse by turning off the Golden Globes.” – Chris

Inspirational/Productivity Links

The Art of Non-Conformity

Zen Habits

We Have Standards (AKA the cool chart Rob’s thumb likes to pose in front of!)


Who would have thought that the act of just sitting still in silence would be one of the toughest aspects of Turbo?  At least we were positive in the attempt.

“Guys, we are going to beat the shit out of our daily meditations this week! (or something less violent, but equally as confident).” -Rob

Useful meditation links to help make those proclamations a reality:

UCLA Mindful Meditations

Melt Therapy Learning to Meditate

Recipe Corner- nom nom!

Jamie’s Smoothie- blend a base of orange juice (totally fresh, no sugar added) and soy milk (almond milk on occasion), one banana, and a bunch of frozen fruits.  The frozen fruits are what give it the smoothie consistency.  Fruit du jour: mixed berries, pineapple, and motherfucking mangoes.

Rob tried and supplied some great links to recipes- Curried Lentil Soup & Coconut Quinoa + Spinach Salad

PS… if you love food pictures you will love The Sprouted Kitchen, authors of the above mentioned salad.  Total. Food. Porn.

And a quick video tip: Cut onions without crying!



This simple, yet forcibly worded, quote inspired many.  I’m pretty sure the pomegranate is now the official fruit of Immaculata.


“I bought my fucking pomegranate. Do I get a level up or an extra life or fire power?” -Val

Awesome ideas you should steal

2011 Immaculata People Project – Jamie set out to meet 365 new people he wouldn’t otherwise meet before the end of the year and to get one sparkling golden nugget of inspiration from each of them.

Mindy – Started working on a life-long goal to read a book by an author from every country.  Furthermore, she also wants to read one non-fiction book about every country too.  Right now, she is reading a book from China called “Mr. Muo’s Traveling Couch”.

Accomplishments Abound in Immaculata-land

Creative endeavors and small victories alike were celebrated, even if you just managed to drag your ass out of bed on a day you really, really, really, really didn’t want to.

Rob “VanMega” created Songs in the Key of Immaculata.  It’s a feast for the ears!

Rob also created a remix of Islands, by The XX

“Pulled a muscle yesterday playing volleyball, but still made it to the 6:50am yoga class…Saw the sunrise over UCLA.” -John

“One week in: I’ve dropped three pounds and have been sleeping better than I have in a long time.” -Melissa

“Things are going swimmingly on the creative and professional front. New job for me + finalized a fiscal sponsor agreement so I can fund raise for some creative projects!” – Jessica

Mindy set a goal to create 600+ frames of animation a week.  In a progress update reported last week, she is already 60% done and already set daily goals to finish it on time!

Jeff  is putting the finishing touches on his website!

“Day 11! I finished a 2-year overdue writing assignment late last night.” – David

“I had this lofty goal of losing 20 pounds this month- and i weighed myself just to see how it was going- am down 12 pounds! amazing!” -Bonnie

Jon  is getting things done on his awesome new podcast, The Smart People Podcast.  Check it!

“I’m still no cheese, and NO BOOOZE. . . this is the longest i’ve gone without a drink I think since I was 15.” -Ilana

“I would just like to share that the Immaculata gave me strength to turn down Chick Fil A as my roommate went through the drive thru. I realize this isn’t as tough as quitting smoking or drinking, but HAVE YOU HAD ONE OF THOSE CHICKEN SANDWICHES?!?!” – Jon

“I just rocked the fuck out of the place with a sober but passionate rendition of Lionel ritchies All Night Long that had the entire place dancing.  Sober! Totally sober!! And i feel healthy as a healthy person. And I’m riding so high this somehow feels like a drunk text.” -Jamie

“Broke countless social conventions this evening by bringing take-out halibut into a movie theatre. But i did not succumb to junior mints!!” -Sarah

Jared created an awesome Immaculata inspired cartoon!

Stay Connected

If you need more cheer in your life visit any one of these fine blogs by your fellow Immaculatizers!






And finally, follow the Immaculata Twitter list!

WOW.  All that and we still have five days to go.  We are hands down the the best Immaculatizers to ever Immaculate!  High-Fucking-Five!

Valerie is a painfully employed Administrative Professional with a passion for art and comedy.  You can follow her at pushingpapers.tumblr.com


  • rob |

    Hey Jamie – this is an awesome recap! Suggestion – perhaps replace people who are listed here’s last names with just an initial? That way there aren’t googlable pull quotes about people coming to terms with not drinking for a few weeks, etc. 🙂

  • David Schlitt |

    Thanks, Val! Reading this recap makes the whole thing feel like the end of summer camp! except a version of summer camp in which I am not frightened of girls or of going to the bathroom, and where none of my bunkmates are ostentatiously masturbating

  • Valerie D. |

    Fixed! Sorry, a few full names slipped in there. We are now all on a first name basis!

  • Valerie |

    An Immaculata Summer Camp!! That should happen! Minus the ostentatious masturbation, of course. I really haven’t missed drinking this month. It was much harder during my two week stint. It will be weird going to happy hour and actually ordering a drink… and actually drinking it!

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