Rhymin’ and Stealin’

This is a fantastic article about creativity by artist/author Austin Kleon, which was posted in The Immaculatize Facebook Group by Kasey Baker VerMulm (who has a fantastic blog called Reverend Awesome).

My favorite line:
“In my experience, it’s in the act of making things that we figure out who we are.”

I know I’ve found out more about who I am in the past year than ever before, simply by doing things instead of just thinking about them.

Speaking of which, things may seem quiet on the Immaculatize front of late, but here’s what’s brewing:

  • I will be doing a 30 day full-on immaculatize “cleanse” next month to celebrate a full year since I first took the plunge.  Care to join?
  • I’m gearing up to get an immaculatize podcast going, which will be a mix of personal brain ramblings about creativity, productivity, and happiness, weird musical non-sequitirs and sketches, and interviews with people about creative junk.  Stay tuned!
  • The blog hasn’t seen a lot of action of late, but The Immaculatize Facebook Group is always full of activity, with a thriving community of artists sharing in their paths to be productive and happy.
  • The Grombulus Project is underway.  You don’t need to know what that is yet.  But it exists.

And finally, if you are in or visiting the LA area, the comedy theater I am managing, The Lab at The Hollywood Improv, is really taking shape!  I’ve been pouring my heart into it, and the result is a unique venue with some really fun comedy/music/variety shows.  Email me for info on upcoming shows.

Finally finally:

Making art is fun and cool
Also fun?  A donkey-mule.*

*This “rhyme” validates the title of this post.

PS – Inspired by Valerie’s first comment, I’d like to encourage all commenters to include some form of Mule-Donkey poetry.  Thank you. – mgmt.


  • Val |

    I like your rhymes.
    They are so zealous.
    Often times,
    They make me jealous.
    My creativity is a bit wonky
    Hey wait a minute…
    That’s a Mule-Donkey!!

  • Kasey |

    I’m way pumped for the Immaculatize Podcast. Your heart being poured into projects is exactly what this planet needs!

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