SEP-TIMMMMMBER! (September 1st – September 30th, 2011)

Illustration by The Immaculate Kasey Baker VerMulm


Hard to believe, but it’s been one year since I did my first Immaculata.  There’s no doubt that it was the jumpstart I needed to an entirely new view on how to live and be productive and happy.  To celebrate the most productive year of my life (and because I absolutely need another jumpstart), I am doing it again!  Below are the mission and plan from last year, along with updated notes.

The Mission:

* Be happier. (Always the goal.  Translation: get out of the negative patterns of my mind, replace them with positive patterns.)
* Gain more focus. (Still a struggle for me, even a year later.  I can do it in short bursts, but need to sustain it for longer amounts of time.)
* Tame my babbling mind. (Through meditation and always being the observer of my thoughts.  I’ve come a LONG way in this department, but I still go through ups and downs with this.)
* Get a jump-start into being more productive. (I’ve been more productive than ever this year, but I still am prone to bouts of laziness, and can always continue to distill my to-do list down to absolute priorities.)
* Lose 10 lbs. (I lost about 12 pounds last year, and have kept within a more healthy range, but I can still stand to eat healthier and exercise more.)
* Quit smoking cigarettes. (Haven’t smoked one in a year.  I can put this one behind me now.)
* Reach Nirvana. (That would be sweet.)

The 30-Day Plan:

* No tobacco (No sweat.  Per above, I already beat it.)
* No alcohol (I’m an old pro at this now.  But there will be a couple tough moments where a beer will sound amazing..  But I can handle it.)
* No drugs (Easy peasy.)
* No coffee or soda (I did become an even bigger coffee drinker this past year (but without cream/sugar), so this will be more difficult than in the past, where it was more of a thing I only had to make smoking more enjoyable.)
* No fast food or sweets. (Fast food, easy.  Cutting out sweets is still the most difficult thing ever for me.)
* A vegan diet, save for fish.  I like fish. (Still like fish.)
* Wake up early. (At or before dawn if possible.) (Given my work schedule, this isn’t a priority this time around.)
* 20 – 45 minutes a day of meditating. (I am starting at 10 minutes.)
* At least 30 minutes of exercise 6 days a week. (YES!  NEED!)
* Continued conscious effort to “live in the moment.” (YES!  NEED!)
* Give a little gratitude before every meal. (Been doing this for a year, so no sweat.)

My Other Goals

*Do at least one Immaculatize podcast before the end of September.
*Blog at least 2 times a week. (More if possible, but starting realistically.)
*Get down a system of productivity so that I don’t constantly feel so overwhelmed.
*At least one visit to nature a week.

And that’s it!

If You’d Like To Join Me:

Pick some goals, and do your best to stick to them!  For support, comment on this blog, and join The Immaculata Facebook Group.  Setting goals is easy; following through is the hard part.  Communicating via the group page through the ups and downs will be very helpful in attaining your goals.



  • Greg |

    I’m down with all of it, except I’m not going to eat fish or do a podcast.

  • Youn Mee Woo |

    I’m so in! I’ve got 8 hours to decide how I’m going to do the coffee part. But I may even take a mediation class. And when I’m through, I’m going to have Colton give you a hand job Jamie Flam. So you’ve got that to look forward to in October.

  • Val |

    This is easy because I already had my list typed up! I’m doing all the basics plus:
    1. Continue running but add in additional strength training and toning workouts. Train for 10K in November.
    2. Drink only water, unsweetened tea, or V8 because it makes me feel like a bloody mary drinking woman.
    3. Limit internet time using some of the techy sites and apps out there because you know I can’t at all control this on my own.
    4. Schedule work day and outline daily goals because I too feel overwhelmed and it’s generally my own fault for not being focused/using my time wisely.
    5. Creative assignment- work on something I can contribute to the Grombulus project.
    6. Spend less time watching TV and more time reading. Except for Louie. I have to watch Louie.

    Think that’ll do me. Good luck everyone! I’m going out for my last happy hour after tonight’s run so I might drunk dial/drunk post all of your Facebooks.

  • Kasey |

    I’m going to order items from menus that I wouldn’t normally order all month long.
    It sounds like an idiotic goal, but it will be hard for me. I’m a weirdo about trying new foods. I never do it. I forced myself to learn to like green vegetables in my 20’s. The world is passing me by with all its new foods and I don’t want to have to worry when I go to a new restaurant that I won’t find anything I want to eat on the menu. I’m going to be food brave!

    Blog more. When I say, “I should blog about this.” I am going to follow through and blog about it. My goal is more posts this month than last month.

    Start meditating every night. Right now I’m not consistent with it. Everyday for Sep-Timmber to get my mind right.

    Write in my journal/grown-person diary 2 times a week.

    Make a conscience effort to worry less about socializing. I’m going to not be shy and immaculatize. If I say something idiotic no one will dwell on it as much as I dwell on it. (Reminder to myself.)

    Download and listen to you on this Potato Salad thing. That should be completed this evening, before Sep-TIMMBER even gets here!

    Seek out more joy in life. On it, see above.

    Reread RuPaul’s Guide for life, Workin’ It. (I think everyone should read it.)

    And let’s all reach nirvana together! SEP-TIMMMMBER!

  • Mindy |

    I haven’t really thought about the exercise/health/mental health parts of this and I’m going on a vacation starting tomorrow. My lifestyle is just very moderate as far as consumption of bad stuff anyways…and I do a lot of walking. I would like to start running, but I need to get new shoes (my gym shoes literally have holes in the bottoms) and I have not prioritized my funds to be able to do that this month. So I’m very wishy-washy on these categories. However I have my creative goals hammered down!

    1. The Grombulus Project. I’m going to spend some time every day working on drawings for this.

    2. Start a Kickstarter campaign for The Grombulus Project. I have one need and one want. I need more memory for my computer. When I worked on a 2 minute animation it kept crashing. The GP is 4 minutes…my computer will die! My want is the Wacom Inkling. I can do without…but holy shit, that thing looks awesome and I’m certain it would speed up the art-making process…and take out the most tedious part of the project: scanning.

    3. Spend time on building my art business. I already have some advertising campaigns in the works. I bought 1000 postcards with a new design. I’m bringing them with me to california to hand to people I meet and leave places. I was going to canvas my neighborhood too, leaving them in people’s mailboxes. I also already have two gigs waiting for me when I get home: a custom painting and a logo design for a beer company!

  • Rebecca |

    I’m also going to go with moderation in regards to my physical goals. Starting a new year with first graders, working through month four of therapy on my injured ankle…these things make exercise challenging and dark chocolate necessary. However, I plan to be conscious about the choices I make. Even just asking, “Do I really need this?” has caused me to pass by tempting treats.

    2. Meditate at least 10 minutes a day.

    3. Spend at least 10 minutes a day in my classroom doing filing/organizing–this is deep work that I meant to do over the summer and probably won’t finish by Tuesday. Micro-organization!

    4. Blogging. Oh blogging. My wish is for 2 posts a week. This first month of school is pretty intense, so I’ll say minimum 1 post a week.

    Happy best month of the year (yes, the month of my birth)–

  • John M |

    So one of my problems is planning too much and then not doing a lot of stuff, so I tried to pull back some.

    September Goals
    • Finish pilot with writing partner. This includes:
    o Bible with summary, character descriptions, springboard episodes, and characters drawn up.
    o Practice pitching to 3 or 4 people.
    o Pitch to one executive by the end of the month.

    • Health
    o Stretch every morning for a ½ hour.
    o Continue training for my first 1/2 marathon.
    o Drink only water for one month. Exception: use milk on cereal.

    • Adventure / Travel
    o Figure out what to take on camping trip with Esther to make it awesome. Talk to her about unplugging.
    o Setup travel savings account and start putting $50/month into it.

    Other things would be to plan out my weeks better, meditate, and I also like Kasey’s thing about trying new food when I eat out. I think these will be side projects however, or maybe I’ll just shoot for once a week so I’m not overwhelmed.


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