The Lively Lions Lair of Lovely Links (and Licorice) #2

(This is a new Immaculatize feature, inwhere we post “clickable links” to other places on the inter-net that have informative, inspiring, entertaining, or otherwise noteworthy content.  These links were compiled from posts in The Immaculatize Facebook Group by Kasey Baker VerMulm.)

Bruce Mau’s Incomplete Manifesto for Growth. Tip #36 is “Scat” pertaining to words, not poop.

For this lady’s 38th birthday she completed 38 random acts of kindness.

Tiny people art installations.

Professional display of no handed bike moves.

Wrongologist Kathryn Schulz encourages embracing wrongness.

The yoga of sound, heals a neglected soul.

You’re shaking things up, making magicalness at the Improv Lab.

Graphic Design nerdery:
The Kerning Game
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