The Motherpuppy Jumpstart to Moderation

Another new year.  A clean slate.  The best time to start strong on achieving goals.  Am I right?  I am!

In deference to the month of Bijonuary (and a major miscommunication), we’ve got ourselves one Motherpuppy of a jumpstart.

The Mission:
Start the year off moderately for maximum healthiness and productivity.  Why moderation?  Because that’s the key to longstanding health and success, presumably.  The last couple years I’ve started with plans that gave no room for “failure.”  On the plus side, I was able to stick with the plans, and felt GREAT!  But, as with any all-or-nothing program, as soon as it was done it was back to the old habits.

So as the Immaculatize experiment evolves, this year let’s start the year off by getting crazy and allowing ourselves to get crazy, but only sometimes!  As always, pick and choose what you want to work on.

A Plan:
Very little alcohol, drugs, tobacco
Very little fast food, sugar, or processed foods
At least 30 minutes of exercise, at least 3 days a week
At least 1 minute a day of meditation
Pick a goal and do it

So, “very little” looks ridiculous (and hilarious), but what does it even mean?  Vagueness isn’t likely a go-to description for health plans.

But we’re all adults and kids here, so hopefully the point is clear: Commit to making healthy choices as often as possible.  And not to look a certain way or just to prove a point, but to feel good so that you can get shit done.

I think we all know our relationship with our vices.  It’s just about paying attention to how we treat ourselves and listening to our bodies.  If we’re feeling shitty and unproductive and we find we’ve been drinking a lot, well, don’t do it for a while.

For me, I know if I am exercising regularly, everything else falls into place pretty quickly.  So that will be my main focus, along with limiting sugar and alcohol intake as much as possible.  And if (when) I am kicking ass, I’ll gladly partake in some vicery (not a word).

It’s all in the context of my goals which you can read about it my Annual Review and Plan for 2013.  There are things I want to accomplish, and I need to be in good health to make them happen, so I need to constantly make choices that are in line with  my goals.  Nuff said.

Let’s make this year the best (moderately) fucking kick-ass year yet!

So, what do you think ?