2013 Hollywood Improv / Comedy + Music

I sat in my apartment a couple weeks ago, reflecting on the year past, and was getting a little down on myself for not achieving all my goals (read: I’m not a famous millionaire game changing multi-hyphenate auteur yet).  Also, I was itching for some attention, and wanted to start driving people to this blog which exists for like 4 people right now.  So I thought “I’ll make a top ten list!  People love lists!”  (Yes, I have exclamation points in my thoughts!)  I decided I’d put together the top ten moments at The Hollywood Improv in 2013, then started going through all my pics and videos, and realized that 1.) there were too many moments to choose from, and 2.) I had a lot of awesome footage that would not otherwise see the light of day if I didn’t edit it into something.  And thus this video, which only took 87 hours to make!

Most of the footage was taken from a show I co-produced with Vanessa Ragland called Van Jam, and was shot by Vanessa’s husband, the amazing John Irwin.  The rest of the shaky recordings were from my iphone (brag).

IMPROV 2013-2 from Jamie Flam on Vimeo.

Note: As the booker at this venue, I feel it’s important to explain that as it states in the video, we have 700+ shows a year at The Hollywood Improv.  So what you see is only a tiny fraction of the types of performers, shows, and comedy you can see there.  I tend to break out my camera when there’s music involved because music makes me smile so much.


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  • Mama class |

    Levity is so blessed to have an artistic director who is so committed and loved.You have taken the Improv in Hollywood to another entire level!

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