Flam’s Jams


Looking to expand my empire of non-profitable creative ventures, I’ve decided to put time and energy into creating a music tumblr blog.  I kid of course.  I am fully aware that a music blog has the potential to bring in millions if done the right way.  So maybe eventually I’ll look into doing it the right way.  In the meantime, when inspired I will post songs that I really love on it.  I listen to music constantly, and when I am not digging for new tracks, I have dozens of friends digging even deeper, so I am always hearing new and old stuff that I fall in love with, and one of my greatest joys is sharing music with others.  Especially what I call those “heaven moments” when the perfect bridge hits, or the sickest drum break, or just that beautiful chord change that makes life worth living.  I am not sticking to any genres or format for now.  Just songs I love, for whatever reason.  Check it out!

So, what do you think ?