Facebook Group Round-Up #2: Post Turbo-Pre Magicalness

The Immaculatize Facebook Group is a thriving community of folks inspiring each other in their collective pursuit of health, creativity, productivity, and just overall awesomeness.   This semi-regular column will document the best to come from the group.  Join the fun!

Here we are.  In the midst of March Magicalness!   Week one can be a tough one, so let’s look back on our post Turbo-Charge glowiness. Seriously, we were rockstars and we still are regardless of our February Flubbery.


I just did my first post-immaculata grocery run and didn’t buy anything that wouldn’t be okay on immaculata. go me. i get a gold star. the chocolate was kind of tempting, and there might be some later this week, but i’m a champ, not a chump. ~Bonnie

So I overindulged last night with food, drink, television. And you know what? It wasn’t that much fun. And I don’t feel terrific today. And you know what, again? I don’t think I’ll be doing that very often henceforth! (That’s right, I just said “henceforth.”) I much prefer my Immaculata routine. Why not choose to feel better? ~David

And on the fourth day there was French Toast…and it was good. ~Valerie

Today was rough. I hate my non-Immaculata self…. Damn you Superbowl!!! ~Jon

Random Thought #1: Making the bed is a great way to start the day. IMMEDIATE PRODUCTIVITY! I’ve been doing it the past couple weeks, and though the feeling of productiveness is fleeting, it feels damn good for at least 5 minutes. ~ Sir Jamie Flam

my biceps feel bigger ~Chris

I’m kicking our new month off by getting deep into my art…so far, I am sketching out tee-shirt designs. I hand-painted my first silk-screen yesterday of the above design, so it’s ready and waiting to print. Just wondering if anyone has old tees that could use sprucing up with an original Erica Lee design? If so, would gladly accept your offers! More designs to come… ~Erica

Day 1: in the books! Getting back on the Immaculata is like saying hello to a familiar, healthy-but-not-an-asshole-about-it friend. I likes it! Today I did the regular January routine — got up, meditated, ate good, exercised, didn’t drink. Tomorrow morning, I make my work plan for the month. Productivity Ho! ~David

Super Heroes of the Month

Chris OWNED 4o flights of stairs regardless of whether he shaved 11 seconds off his time or not.  HE DID IT and we were in awe.  WAY TO GO!

Just wanted eleven seconds… Thats all. Didn’t get it. I did throw a half-full cup of water on floor twenty at a little kid by accident. That was kind of fun. (The phrase “half-full” is brought to you in part by Immaculata. Immaculata… Always think positive.) ~Chris

Cristina ran the hell out of a full marathon in New Orleans despite setbacks with her IT band.  And we learned what an IT band is.  A great experience for all!!  How badass is this girl?  One marathon is not enough…

Update: my NYC marathon app has been submitted. Fingers crossed!!! ~Cristina

Mindy’s goal in January was to finish animating a music video.  She made daily and weekly goals for how many frames she would complete and she did it!  The video is not yet officially released, but you can find it here as soon as it is.

And now for some super inspiring and productivity inducing links!

Personally, I don’t think there is much out there more inspiring than us! We are a collective force to reckon with.

My favorite quote from this article is,  “The best creators are like ducks. They appear to glide along serenely on the surface. Beneath the surface, however, they’re kicking like a motherf*cker.” Amen.  Read more about Feeling Stuck.

Accomplishing Everything! Brought to you by the author of The Art of Non-Conformity, a book I have yet haven’t read but is still way up on my to do list.

Magic Work Cycle:   This was cool.  I tried it for a day at work. I found I actually worked LONGER than scheduled. Crazy!

Monica’s Grub:  Immaculatize member, Monica has come up with a really cool idea to documenting everything she consumes.  She hasn’t eaten since February 25th and I’m getting concerned.  Monica, if you are out there… please drop us a line or at least a picture so we know you have eaten something…anything!

Erica kicked off a new 40-day meditation that’s good for getting rid of inner anger.  Next time you feel like Hulking out, give Sitali Pranayam a try!

Brooke has been reflecting on March Magicalness.  Check it out at The Parody Files. Have you be writing about your experiences?  Be sure to share your links!


Week two is wrapped up.  I hope you are at least 50% towards completing your March goals!  If you’ve had a ho-hum week, no worries! We are still early in the game.  Start right now! Maybe some magic inspired photoshoppery will get you in the mood??  What is your favorite magical creature and how will it help you meet your goals? GO!

Valerie is a painfully employed Administrative Professional with a passion for art and comedy.  You can follow her at pushingpapers.tumblr.com

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