March Magicalness: What We’re Up To

March Magicalness is underway, and there are lots of people on board from around the world who have committed to at least one personal or creative goal for the month.   Excitement!

Assuming everyone achieves their goal (and by god everyone WILL), by the end of March we will have collectively: Learned to cook, gone gluten-free, started working on a novel, written and submitted a dissertation prospectus, read at least 4 chapters of Marx’s Capital, exercised 6 days a week, publicly announced a blog with at least 15 blog entries written, applied to a university and planned out an academic future (and Netflixed “Back to School” for inspiration), mediated daily, practiced drums, painted, penciled, and inked 4 paintings, taken Salsa lessons, cleaned up the house, built some six-pack abs, designed a mini-comic, composed and produced a song, lost 15 pounds, finished a business plan for a restaurant, 6 small paintings, written and produced a live comedy show, shot two music videos, and built a goddamn lamp.

That’s a lot of awesome shit. You can read more about what people are up to and how they are faring in the ever popular Immaculatize Facebook Group!

I think there’s a new blueprint evolving for, inwhere every month more and more people commit to at least one goal they want to reach, and together as a group we all inspire and motivate each other.  There’s no telling what we can accomplish for ourselves and the world!  Though, I do predict world peace and the ozone layer healing itself.  And me learning to dance.

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