The Dailyish Turbo-Charge #3

-David Morrill Schlitt

(Note: The content below is taken from a periodic email I am sending out to all the people participating in The Super Ultimate Turbo-Charged Jump Start.  Fill out the form here to get on the mailing list.)

Some Introductory Thoughts and My Day 3 In Review
First, thanks to Turbo participant David S. for providing the above quote earlier today in the Facebook group.  I feel it fully encapsulates everything that Immaculata is all about, both figuratively (Living life to it’s fullest with vigor, confidence, and purpose!) and literally (Eating more fruit.).  And of course Immaculata is all about potty mouth as well.  So stick that in your dick and smoke it, Eckhart Tolle! (Please don’t tell him I said this.)

And David, you GET that pomegranate, aight?

Secondly, here we are, Day 3 almost in the books.  Maybe already in the books for some of you international folks.  As I’m too lazy to research time zones, I’ll just say good work, my worldly denizens.

I’ll keep my personal daily update short: After a restless night’s sleep, my plan to wake up early this morning failed miserably.  But I did get some writing done, I did floss my teeth (nearly blood-free!), and I did hit the treadmill.  Productivity wise, I still spent way too much time on email and Facebook.  But… No but.  Gotta get that nipped in the bud ASAPers.  Tried some guided meditating this afternoon which was again very difficult.  I’m finding my mind fills with great ideas that I don’t want to forget which adds to the difficulty of clearing my head.  Brilliant ideas, like, a “pizza hat” for example.

Going Vegan hasn’t been too difficult, but, and I hate to admit this, I decided that honey just wasn’t important enough to me to eliminate.  Not that I eat a lot of honey.  But it’s in almost every Trader Joe’s boxed soup in my house, and those are an important part of one of my staple meals.  I wasn’t going to tell you, but then I realized that no one cares if I consume trace amounts of honey in a vegetable based soup.  I’ll research other soups once these have been consumed, PROMISE.

The hardest part of Immaculatizing for me is still the sweets thing.  I do fine during the day, but as soon as I eat that last bite of dinner, my mind instantly goes into “What’s for dessert?” mode.  Followed immediately by a wave of disappointment as I realize “There will be no dessert tonight.”  It was the same way when I quit smoking last year. After every meal, or every drink, or anytime I sat in traffic, or before or after doing anything that took more than 45 minutes I’d get a similar “Ooooh a cigarette now!” followed by a heartbreaking “There will be no cigarette now.”  The good news is MY WAISTLINE IS SHRINKING! *

*Not really.  Yet.

LA PEEPS: A volunteering opportunity
Giving back feels good!  Seriously!  I’ve been talking to Andrew Olivas, a director at LA Union Rescue Mission, a homeless shelter downtown, and they are always looking for new people to come down and help in their weekly food services, as well as other special events.  This Saturday they are holding an orientation for folks looking to volunteer there this year.  Unfortunately I will be out of town, but for anyone else interested in more information, contact Andrew at .  I believe they have another orientation in a couple weeks which I plan to attend so stay tuned for more info on that.

Some Links That You Might Find Worth The Click of Your Mouse
-An article about your brain and making resolutions as posted by David in the group.  The same David from the quote above!  Dude’s on Turbo-Fire.
-Check what Steve Nash of the Phoenix Sun (a team in the National Basketball Association) eats to stay healthy.

Creative Assignment For Tuesday, January 4th
Write or make something that involves talking plants.  GO!

Stuff To Do
I promise to be more proactive about providing and organizing more activities/excursions for LA peeps next week, but in the meantime I happened upon a great website today which offers a fantastic daily calendar of interesting events:

Does Anyone Know How To Get A Facebook Group To Show Up On An Iphone?
This is of dire importance, but I’m incapable of doing a web search at this late hour.

Final Thoughts


So, what do you think ?