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Current Projects

The Hollywood Improv, Artistic Director
Book and produce live comedy and variety shows with some of the biggest names in comedy and music.  Some of my work can be seen here.

Write, produce, and perform on this live variety show at The Hollywood Improv with partner Vanessa Ragland.  The show features a live soul/jazz house band, and has had special guests including Louis CK, Aziz Ansari, Craig Robinson, Tig Notaro, Jeff Ross, Nick Kroll, and more.  VanJam also had a short-lived but evergreen podcast run that I am convinced will be resurrected at some point in time.

The Long Shot Podcast
Produce and talk about the valiant victories and extreme horrors of living life, along with Sean Conroy and Amber Kenny.  Part of the All Things Comedy Network. We have exciting guests on it like Patton Oswalt, Tim Meadows, Jen Kirkman, Paul F. Tompkins, Joe Wagner, and Jeanane Garafolo.

Gatekeeper Podcast
Produce and talk on yet another podcast, this one a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into comedy booking, including interviews with other bookers, industry peeps, creatives, and artists about the art of saying yes and no.

The Spanglers
Write, produce, perform as part of the comedy duo, husband and wife team The Spanglers.  Perform at shows and venues around Los Angeles including UCB, The Tomorrow Show, Hot Tub, and Super Serious Show, a former residency at The Improv Comedy Lab, and a showcase at The Comedy Central Stage.

Past Projects

The Independent Comedy Network
VP of Content.  Oversaw the production, acquisition, and distribution of hundreds of online comedy videos and web series.

The Westside Eclectic (now The Westside Comedy Theater)
Artistic Director/General Manager.  Helped build an improv comedy theater and school from the ground up, which is now one of the most popular venues in Los Angeles.

The Be-Bop Heroin Hour
Producer/Host.  A live monthly comedy/variety show harkening back to the jazz clubs of the 1950’s/60’s.  The show made multiple appearances at SF Sketchfest, Bridgetown Comedy Festival in Portland, and in New York City.  Past performers include Tig Notaro, Anthony Jeselnik, Hugh Moore, Matt Braunger, Maria Bamford, Kumail Nanjiani, and more.

The Travel Show
Producer/Performer.  A live monthly serial comedy about a mismatched travel writing duo that went to exotic locations based on audience vote.  Locations included Tibet, Kuala Lumpur, Transylvania, and Panama!  Featured guests included Brody Stevens, Kyle Kinane, Drew Droege, Charlyne Yi, Anthony Jeselnik, and more.

The New Expression
Producer/Director.  A series of live multimedia comedy/music/art shows in San Francisco featuring fine artists, live bands and musicians, short films, and sketch comedy.


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