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I produce and host this behind-the-scenes look at what goes into comedy booking, including interviews with other bookers, industry peeps, creatives, and artists about the art of saying yes and no.

Some recommended episodes: Gatekeeper Primer // Todd Glass // Cristela Alonzo // Rob Bell // Margaret Cho // Bart Coleman // Carol Leifer // Adam Eget

The Long Shot Podcast
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“Life is a tragedy when seen in close up, but a comedy in long shot.”
Each week, comedians Sean Conroy, Jamie Flam, Amber Kenny, and Joe Wagner live this quote from Charlie Chapman. Together, they discuss their struggles and the general terror of everyday life… it’s a comedy podcast.  Past guests include Patton Oswalt, Tim Meadows, Jen Kirkman, Paul F. Tompkins, Jeanane Garafolo, Nick Kroll, and many more.

The Long Shot is a comedy podcast but it’s also, in no small part, about four engaging souls trying to figure out their personal and professional lives, and where they belong in the crazy-making world of show-business. It’s about comedy but more importantly it’s about people…
– Nathan Rabin for Splitsider

The VanJam Variety Podcast
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A short-lived but evergreen variety show that I did with Vanessa Ragland, featuring interviews, sketches, and songs.  I am convinced will be resurrected at some point in time!

Appearances on Other Podcasts
12/28/2016: Hollywood Anonymous with Jon Huck and Bryan Erwin
10/27/2016: Be Here For A While with Rachael O’Brien
8/8/2016: Storyworthy
4/19/2016: Dork Forest with Jackie Kashian
2/22/2016: Inappropriate Earl with Earl Skakel
11/11/2015: Pep Talks with Eddie Pepitone
9/24/2015: Hang Out with Me with Myq Kaplan (with Jordan Brady)
5/15/2015: The Mostly Bull Podcast with Danny Lobell (w/ Jessimae Peluso)
9/17/2014: Grabbing Lunch with Matt Knudsen (w/ Vanessa Ragland)
1/22/2013: Let There Be Talk with Dean Delray
7/31/2012: The Tangent Show with Rajiv Satyal
5/1/2011: Smart People Podcast
4/28/2011: The Second Column (w/ Amber Kenny)

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