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I am a writer and producer based in Los Angeles.  My goal is to make and do stuff that reminds people that there is still wonder and enchantment to be found in this world.   I most recently served as The Artistic Director/Booker at The Hollywood Improv (2011-2017), named the #1 comedy club in North America in 2016, [due to] “shrewd booking from Jamie Flam.” (That’s me!)

But this is what made my grandma the toast of her Jewish retirement home.

Currently, I am developing comedy content for television and digital, continuing to book and produce live variety shows, and doing script and talent consulting for creative agencies and podcast networks.   I produce and host Gatekeeper, a podcast where I talk to artists, bookers, producers, and industry friends and decision makers about the art of saying yes and no, and continue to co-host the popular “The Long Shot Podcast” with Sean Conroy, Amber Kenny, and Joe Wagner, which is a part of the All Things Comedy Network.

Some other fun facts:

  • I started doing comedy in San Francisco in 2001, and I’ve performed stand-up, improv, and sketch comedy for over 16 years, producing dozens of live music, comedy and gallery art shows with events in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and Portland.
  • My work has appeared on Comedy Central, Hulu, NPR, Atom Films, The TV Guide Channel, and the internet.
  • I have a degree in Religious Studies from The University of California, Santa Barbara, where I focused on Eastern religions and philosophies.
  • I was born in the Year of the Dragon. Like the dragon, I am fierce, and reptilian.
  • The theme for my Bar Mitzvah reception was The Beatles.
  • In 8th grade I was in a Beatles cover band called Revolution and we took second at the 1989 Beatlefest Battle of the Bands.
  • I once spoke to Ringo Starr on the phone.
  • In high school I had hair extensions, wanted to be in a gang, and played one year of football. I regularly read about these things to roaring audiences at Mortified.
  • I once won a popular MTV dating game show.
  • I’ve been a receptionist. I’ve been a bartender. I’ve been a caterer.  I had a short lived boat cleaning service.  I worked at Cinnabon.  I was fired from Cinnabon.
  • I got a free beer once in Flam, Norway.

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