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Immacula-TIP #642: Don’t Start Your Day Online

For much of the past few years, I’ve started my day by immediately getting online.  And I don’t even mean in a “getting out of bed, making tea or coffee, then sitting down and opening my computer” way.  I’m talking in a “reach to the floor, pick up my iphone or laptop, and get straight to it” way.

My first stops would generally be my email account and Facebook.  Without having made any sort of connection to the new morning, I’d immediately fill my brain with any number of random thoughts, images, and correspondences that had the power to completely affect my mood and set the tone for the rest of my day.   A bitchy email from a co-worker, or an outstanding bill notice, or a negative comment on a blog or video, or some jackass comedian I don’t even know posting on Facebook talking shit about the service at Arby’s…  these things would cause me to  make judgments, form opinions, and feel stress, all before even getting out of bed.   Really it’s silly to let these kind of distractions into your day at all, let alone before you are even fully awake.

In prairie communities, people don’t have to deal with stuff like this.  They presumably wake up to the sound of the rooster and then do prairie things, like, you know, plant seeds, or dig.  And they are probably much happier for it.  Though, to be fair, rabid prairie wolves are probably a reality of their world that we don’t have to deal with.

The point is, make your first waking moments a sacred part of your day.  Take some deep breaths.  Stretch.  Get ready for work, or exercise, or take a walk, or meditate, or make some breakfast without letting the mindless distractions of the internet invade and set the tone for the rest of your day.  Try to go at least one hour before getting on your computer.

And if you live on a prairie, for god-sakes get a rifle.

Six days into Septimmmmber, and I’d say I’m off to a decent start.  Been doing good with the dietary restrictions I’ve imposed on myself, I’ve exercised 3 of 6 days, and this blog post is a testament to the fact that I’ve accomplished at least half my goal for this week (of doing two blog posts a week).  I’ll get another up tomorrow to be sure! I’ve outlined a plan for a first Immaculata podcast (goal is to have one fully produced by the end of the month), so that’s on it’s way.  Meditation still, even after a year, continues to be a difficult task to motivate for, but I spent some time this morning attempting to clear my head, and am committed to doing it daily for the remainder of the month.  The most difficult part of this Immaculata is, as always, the cutting out of sugar.  Whenever I cut it out, I am immediately reminded of how often I turn to it as a crutch.  Ice cream seemingly makes pain go away.  Which is why I like to do these 30 day plans, to remind myself that I don’t need it.  It just takes a few days to recalibrate is all.   Stay tuned.  Thank you.